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Tax Exempt Fire Departments Sponsor Dinner for Rep. Jerry Ellis

February 4, 2008

State Rep. Jerry Ellis (Valiant)

Tin ear Democrats, who have been critical of Republicans on the question of ethics recently, have their own ethics quandry brewing down in “Little Dixie.”

The tax exempt rural fire departments of the county, which receive county sales tax money as well as state pass through funds, are openly supporting Ellis by sponsoring last week a dinner for his State Senate announcement. According to our source:

“This sort of thing still occurs frequently in Little Dixie, so frequently and openly that they even put it in the newspapers, completely disregarding that tax exempt entities aren’t supposed to be endorsing candidates. No problem. The IRS doesn’t have an office in this part of the state.”

From The Valiant Leader: (1/23/08)

“Two former legislators – Representative Randall Erwin and Senator Gerald Dennis – will be masters of ceremonies for next week’s event.

The meal will be sponsored by local volunteer fire departments…”

OKPNS will continue to investigate.


AP: Records show state Republicans receiving more lobbyist gifts than Democrats

(Wouldn’t you kind of expect the party in power to receive more attention from the lobbyists???? Where is the news here?)