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Ivan the Terrible, or Terrible Reporting?

May 31, 2007

The blogosphere is abuzz with stories regarding “turmoil” at the Oklahoma Democratic Party. But according to well-placed sources, much of what has been reported is simply not true. Much of the speculation surrounds the agenda of new party Chairman Dr. Ivan Holmes.

Reports have indicated that Holmes’ election signaled a rise to power by the “radical fringe element” within the party. Those who know Holmes, including Republicans, tell the Oklahoma Political News Service that Holmes’ election actually signals a turn away from the extremists who have run the party in the past.

Other errors include reports that Holmes campaigned for a trio of extreme resolutions at the party convention and that he was unaware that some party employees he has fired were funded by the Democratic National Committee. “Just bad reporting,” a source tells us.

Another source tells OKPNS that it appears some bloggers have been fed misinformation in an effort to undermine Holmes, since Holmes has pledged to give voice back to the mainstream grassroots Democrats. “It appears he’s angered the extremists with first his upset victory, and then his house cleaning, and it is the extremists who are manipulating the bloggers to trip him up,” the source says.