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Video: Sen. Inhofe’s "Super Tuesday" Watch Party

February 6, 2008

Congresswoman Mary Fallin & State Senate Co-President Glenn Coffee at the Bricktown Brewery rallying the troops for Sen. Inhofe’s re-election bid.

OKPNS founder Chris Arps & Congresswoman Mary Fallin

Quote of the Day: "Uhh, Maybe I Was a Little Off…"

January 22, 2008

From the Election Advantage blog:

“While the Sooner Poll which put Inhofe ahead by 40 points last month may be a little too generous to the Senator, it does make me think I may have overstated Inhofe’s vulnerability. State Sen. Andrew Rice (D) is a game challenger, and his fundraising has been very good, but now he has to deal with a primary opponent in State Sen. Joe Sweeden.”
Read more predictions???! 😀

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Oklahoma needs a fair fight

Update: Boy Wonder Is Not Even Close!!!!!!

December 27, 2007

It was the greatest thing reading the Tulsa World poll this morning. State Senator Andrew Rice the Democrats Lone Ranger is just that, alone in his bid to unseat our states senior Senator. Who would have imagined Senator Inhofe trouncing over the Boy Wonder? Who would imagine nearly half of the Democrats polled voting for Senator Inhofe? Well the Rice campaign sure didn’t think so. OKPNS knows that Senator Inhofe no matter how much liberals hate him, stands up for the ordinary man and woman.

Results from Oklahoma pollster released this morning in the Tulsa World show Senator Inhofe in a strong position in the 2008 election.

“Sixty percent of those surveyed favored Inhofe over Rice, with just 19 percent going for the young Democrat and 21 percent undecided. Inhofe was the pick of three of every four Republicans surveyed and nearly half the Democrats.

Rice, meanwhile, had the support of only 28 percent of his own party. “


Primary Election Possible: A steady drumbeat of internet forums and blogs have carried the message that State Senator Andrew Rice, right now the lone Democrat opponent to Senator Inhofe, is potentially facing a primary challenge. Many outspoken Democrat party insiders believe a primary is wise so a more moderate candidate who appeals to a larger segment of Oklahomans can win the nomination. As the Tulsa World story indicates, Rice would be very vulnerable to a serious primary challenger: “Rice, meanwhile, had the support of only 28 percent of his own party.”

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Video: Ed Kelley – Inhofe Interjects

December 19, 2007
Courtesy of Conium

Ed Kelley, editor of The Oklahoman, comments on the recent decision by Senator Inhofe to “interject” himself into the standoff between the Attorney General and the poultry industry.

Inhofe Suggests Mediation In Poultry-Waste Squabble

December 17, 2007

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe says an amendment that he proposed addressing the issue of poultry waste in Oklahoma has been included in a key piece of farm legislation. The Tulsa World reports from its Washington bureau that the Oklahoma Republican says he hopes his amendment will help the parties involved in an ongoing dispute over the issue to find common ground.

The $286 billion farm bill passed yesterday on a 79-14 vote, with both Inhofe and Oklahoma’s other senator, Republican Tom Coburn, voting for the bill. The bill now goes to a House-Senate conference committee. President Bush has threatened to veto the legislation, saying it costs too much.

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Quote Of The Day

December 14, 2007

Conservatives are looking for a Republican presidential candidate anxious to stand-up and reject global warming alarmist’s claims advocated by liberal elites like Al Gore and his friends in Hollywood.” Senator Jim Inhofe on global warming and the Republican base

Update: Boy Wonder Plans On Using The McCaskill, Webb, Tester Model

December 14, 2007
State Senator Andrew “Boy Wonder” Rice the lone announced Democrat challenger to Senator Jim Inhofe discussed his 77 County strategy for beating Senator Inhofe.

We have a 77 county strategy like the national 50 state strategy….we have counties that will be tough to win, but we can increase our numbers in those counties, like Webb, MaCaskill, and Tester did in 06. We can and are raising the money. – State Senator Andrew Rice

The liveblog was nothing more than a bunch of pot smoking tree huggers (Mostly out of state and in San Fransisco) patting the Boy Wonder on the back as a fellow liberal and imbecile.

Most Oklahomans can see that A) Global Warming is a hoax B) We have two of the best Senators in the country C) Andrew Rice is wasting a lot of peoples hard earned time and money. Andrew Rice represents the worst of the Democrat party and it would be a detriment to Oklahoma if he is elected to the US Senate. Could you imagine a world with Hillary Care or Obama Care? What sense does it make to tax cigarettes if that is being used to pay for SCHIP? This is the type of logic that the Boy Wonder represents. He is nothing more than a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. Just take a look below at why Andrew Rice shouldn’t be elected and why we should keep Jim Inhofe.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

December 7, 2007

Senator Inhofe vows to defeat the Global Warming bill that was introduced by Senators John Warner (R-VA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

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Sen. Inhofe: Look Closer at Global Warming "Solutions"

December 4, 2007

By Sen. James Inhofe

Special to Roll Call

Just in time for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has scheduled a business meeting to consider legislation that seeks to impose mandatory global warming “solutions” on the American people. The global warming cap-and-trade bill (S. 2191) introduced by Sens. Joe Lieberman (ID-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.) seeks to regulate carbon dioxide by creating a whole new federal bureaucracy. In moving the bill out of committee, supporters of the bill are anxious for a symbolic “victory” just in time for their U.N. trip to Bali.

There is a better way for Congress to legislate. The American people deserve an open and honest debate on the merits of any proposed climate change legislation, especially considering that mandatory carbon cap-and-trade legislation will impose the largest tax increase ever in the U.S. without any measurable climate benefits. Consideration of the Lieberman-Warner bill, The Wall Street Journal reported in a Nov. 5 article, comes at a time when a “winter-heating crisis looms.”

The consequences of higher fuel bills for poor Americans can be devastating. High energy bills were cited as one of the two main reasons for homelessness, according to a 2006 survey of Colorado homeless families with children. Because of the significant economic harm imposed on our country by this bill, I joined Sens. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) and John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) in requesting a full economic analysis by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Energy Information Administration before we proceed to a vote. Not knowing the extent of the economic damage resulting from this bill before we vote would be irresponsible. Read more…

Dems Wishful Thinking

November 2, 2007

OKLAHOMA. While Republicans initially chuckled about State Senator Andrew Rice’s (D) challenge to US Senator Jim Inhofe (R), they are now seemingly taking his challenge more seriously. How else to explain the rather desperate attack site launched by the Oklahoma Republican Party: The heavy-handed GOP site accuses Rice of being everything from an ACLU’er, to a Sierra Club supporter, to being “supported by … Jeanine Garofalo”, to Rice possibly even being an “Italian Communist” (trust me, I’m not making this up!). In circa 1950 style, the site also features a communist hammer-and-sickle flag flying above Rice’s head. So, why are they viciously attacking someone they’ve spent months saying is “no threat” to Inhofe? Read more…