Quote of the Day: "Energy Crisis is Here, Warns Denise Bode" (2/8/2001)

Clean Skies CEO Denise Bode was warning the nation before 9/11 and the Iraq War, that our dependence on foreign oil and bans on domestic drilling would eventually lead to “price hikes.” This excerpt was taken from a 2001 piece in Energy Houston magazine.

If the U.S. does not open up federal lands to exploration and production and support the rebuilding of the nation’s energy production, refining and delivery systems, we can expect more price hikes and curtailments for energy, warns Denise Bode, vice chair of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and former president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Writing in the new issue of Energy Houston magazine, Bode says, “America’s energy infrastructure and resource base is being shut down, and that is in turn causing a crisis from the gas pump to the electric meter.” America is approaching being 60 percent dependent on foreign energy, up from 42 percent 10 years ago. Read more…

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