Weekend Gross-out!! Turpen’s Shocking Confession! Admits Surfing Racist Sites and Admiration for Dirty Harry!

Former Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond & Mike Turpen separated at birth?

Mike Turpen’s obsession with State Rep. Randy Terrill, while more than just a little weird, took another bizarre twist yesterday on the Flashpoint program.

In a stunning revelation, Turpen noted that he had recently visited the web site of former Louisiana State Representative and Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. Turpen went on to say that Duke had endorsed Terrill for governor. Republican Kirk Humphries absent-mindedly countered that the endorsement probably was something he (Terrill) didn’t want, further cementing the lie as truth.

As of Noon, the weekend segment still was not posted on the KFOR website. Clearly the station needs to explain why the Turpen is allowed to pimp clients and friends without declaring the conflicts that OKPNS routinely discovers. In late 2006 he attempted to censor a report by reporter Ali Meyer that was highly critical of Turpen pal Drew Edmondson, ironically Flashpoint’s guest on Sunday. As would be expected, Turpen’s press hypocrisy has never come under scrutiny by the capitol press corps.

To add to the irony, the show recently hosted Terrill, a regular on rival News9’s Your Vote Counts, which has much more viewers, in an effort to boost Flashpoint’s sagging ratings.

So why was Turpen visiting a white supremacist web site? Turpen’s pals Bill and Hillary Clinton have employed race-baiting throughout the presidential campaign and Turpen, a chief fund raiser for Sen. Clinton, appears to be utilizing the same sick and disgusting tactics.

Meanwhile, Turpen revealed his admiration for another clown, Sen. Dirty Harry Coates, but spared viewers other stomach-turning details such as a list of the other types of web-sites fat, sweaty trial lawyers like to surf late at night.

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