Political Heavyweights Moving Towards Maughan; Fundraiser Planned Later This Month

Insiders say the political heavyweights are moving toward the political candidacy of Brian Maughan as he and others seek to unseat current District 2 Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart.

Former U.S. Attorney and Republican Gubernatorial Nominee Bill Price, AT&T Oklahoma President Don Cain and Republican Party Icon Al Snipes are hosting the event at Price’s Oklahoma City home on May 29th.

“It’s an indication that the smart money is starting to coalesce” around Maughan, a former AT&T consultant and long-time party activist. Snipes and Price are leaders of the conservative wing of the Republican Party in Oklahoma, and Cain is Chairman of the statewide chamber of commerce.

Maughan and former Bethany Mayor J.D. Johnston are the only Republicans challenging Rinehart in that party’s primary thus far. Rinehart faces several felony charges in a trial scheduled for September, and observers are watching intently to see who will emerge as Rinehart’s main challenger in the July 29th primary.

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