OKPNS Memo to “Masterminds”

Look…Made in the USA!

We understand the anti-HB 1804 political “masterminds” are upset at this week’s revelations on OKPNS regarding public support for HB 1804. They’ve misled the public since last January, but truth finds a way in America, and it sometimes even gets past the Oklahoma City capitol press corps and out to Oklahomans.

Perhaps you should assume that Sen. Coates has lost or misplaced other crucial documents in your quest to rip the public’s favorite law away from them. Now we’re not as smart as you, but here’s some fundamental advice that has been used for decades with some success:

First, assume Dirty Harry has screwed up all your plans, and that the pesky public will find out the truth someway, somehow. You’ve got to at least come up with a tale regarding the so-called ‘investigation’ at the Senate, and time is short.That great American, William Jefferson Clinton, had his staff release bad news with his spin, mostly after working hours on Friday evenings. It worked for the most part, and he didn’t even have the fawning and lazy capitol press corps you have there in Oklahoma City.

Second, take an inventory. If Dirty Harry lost all the items we’ve revealed, there’s probably more out there he has screwed up, if you know what we mean.

Third, there’s a loose trail you need to tie up and soon: if there were any lies dealt in the so-called investigation of the ‘hacked and stolen’ e-mails and documents, you need to get those items covered up as soon as possible. Somebody, somewhere in the Oklahoma press may actually want to do a follow up story and ask for that information. It’s a long shot, but it could happen!

Meanwhile, if anybody out there has more Dirty Harry information, you know where to send it to the tipline. okpns_editor@hotmail.com

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