John Kerry and Dirty Harry Wreck Another Political Career

Sen. “Dirty Harry” Coates

Sen. Patrick Anderson

Yesterday, embattled Sen. Dirty Harry Coates sided with all the Democratic senators to scuttle the official English bill, which some polls say is supported by nearly 90% of the Oklahoma public. The bill has been sent to conference committee, where by design it will be difficult to resurrect this session.

In the process, Coates severely damaged the re-election chances of Republican Senator Patrick Anderson of Enid. Anderson was foolish enough to fall under Coates’ sway just long enough to get caught distributing anti-official English propaganda and engaging in other anti-official English activities before regaining his senses and voting with his party. In other words, he was against official English before he was for official English.

Taking cues from John F. Kerry and Dirty Harry Coates is deadly for a re-election campaign in a strong Republican district, Sen. Anderson. After yesterday’s stunt, Anderson will face a tough re-election battle if he draws a primary opponent. For his actions, Anderson unanimously wins the bonehead political play of the week and probably just dealt himself a fatal political blow because of the demographics of his senate district.

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