EXCLUSIVE (Pt 3): Candid Emails Reveal Depths of 1804 Repeal Conspiracy; Regarding Dirty Harry’s Notes

“One client is adamant that they want the guest worker -visiting worker -program as an option to raise immediate revenue.”

“We need to put our stuff in a bill with a friendly bill author.”

“If you need me to write any materials for you to use on this issue, please let me know.”

-Lobbyist Vickie Rankin

Click here to read entire emails.

“We can ‘play nice’ for a short while but we will soon have to decide if we wish to continue this tactic or just ‘go-for-broke’ and turn the Senate upside down. If Coffee does not change his attitude about this, that’s exactly what will have to be done. I don’t know what else we can use for leverage if all else fails. He is going to look really silly if he continues to fight with Tom.

“I think we have to just bring everyone in and say “folks, this is what’s coming down the tracks and it won’t be possible for you to just sit on the fence any longer.”

-Sen “Dirty Harry” Coates

“Well, this is a lot of fun, sort of.” – Lobbyist Otie Ann Fried

Click here to read entire emails


More insight for OKPNS readers today into the minds of the of the anti-1804 cabal, also known as “the gang who couldn’t shred straight.”

Out latest offering from the tip line provides more insight into the precise strategy of the anti-1804 campaign, and demonstrates just how deceptive the effort has been. Taken as a whole, it is clear to see that the so-called 1804 education effort, advanced by the pompous and self-important Chesapeake employee Tom Price, was nothing more than a bluff aimed at HB 1804 author Randy Terrill. Instead, the documents show that delaying implementation of some aspects of HB 1804 is where the anti-1804 campaign had placed all their eggs, as demonstrated by our revelations about the March 30th Flashpoint program.

More examination reveals some of the leading players in the inept and deceptive repeal campaign, and hand-written notes level some petty and nasty comments about other players in the failing effort. Lobbyist Jamie Longacre, who represents Spirit Bank CEO Kell Kelly, a very public 1804 foe, is seen to emerge as a major architect of the delay tactics.

Further, the documents reveal the recent Oklahoma Banker’s Association study, presented as an independent gauge of the alleged harm to the Oklahoma economy, was rather a public relations stunt staged in coordination with the anti-1804 campaign.

The notations in the margins provide much comic relief. For instance, the state chamber of commerce is ripped by the writer, who types “if they had done their job last year we wouldn’t be in this fight. Enough said”. The author then appears to misspell the word ‘looser” in the margin next to chamber boss Dick Rush’s name. Several other hand-written notes regarding the chamber appear all across the strategy document.

The author holds others out for contempt in varying degrees in typed and hand-written notes, including lobbyists and some organizations such as the Oklahoma Farm Bureau. But the most interesting aspect of this particular document is the attention given to Senate Co Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee. At one point the document’s author writes, “go to Glenn….see what it takes,” apparently in reference to Coffee. Later, the writer notes that Coffee is against delaying full implementation of 1804, and begins to script a campaign plan.

Other interesting items in typewritten text:

“The other question that comes to mind is whether I go to Glenn to see what his intentions are. If he plans to move forward with ‘English Only’ and will not commit to supporting the effective date delay and Task Force, then more drastic measure[s] may be considered. That will cause a real ‘fire-storm’ but if all else fails, I don’t see too many other options.”

Next, an examination of the handwriting just below that paragraph: “Glenn does not want to delay implementation.” Then, in the handwriting, the strategy and message are identified, which centers on using release of the banker’s study as leverage for a delay and subsequently a phony ‘task force.’

For those not reeling from the hilarious and inept planning musings, comic relief is just around the corner when you examine the comments about the state chamber, Agriculture Commissioner Terry Peach (“he said he will get out front on this”); the governor (“He needs to take a stand on something of substance, this is the right issue”); the Indian Affairs Commission (“it amazes me that they keep quiet on this when they were treated so poorly by the “first immigrants”). Further, the writer pens some unflattering remarks from what appears to be Dirty Harry include Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins (“not want to rock the boat”),

The writer also implicates more co-conspirators: including the Regents for Higher Education, (“Burns Hargis … is in agreement with our effort”), and state treasurer Scott Meacham (“Amy Sparks who is the Chief of Staff offered her help last week”).

Another e-mail exchange between Dirty Harry and lobbyist Jami Longacre clearly shows that Longacre is in charge of coordinating the messages.

Today’s latest post also shows more coordination of strategy and messages with lobbyist Vicki Rankin and healthcare advisors, lobbyist Otie Ann Fried and a senate staff mole, Lewis LeNaire.

One item we’ve uncovered discloses the existence of television commercials, which the anti-1804 group had scheduled to begin on April 2nd or 3rd.

But perhaps most disgusting is Dirty Harry’s comment about his fellow Republican, Coffee. “We can ‘play nice’ for a short while but we will soon have to decide if we wish to continue this tactic or just ‘go-for-broke’ and turn the Senate upside down. If Coffee does not change his attitude about this, that’s exactly what will have to be done. I don’t know what else we can use for leverage if all else fails. He is going to look really silly if he continues to fight with Tom.”

Unfortunately for the gang that couldn’t shred straight, there is someone looking silly, and it isn’t Senator Coffee. Clearly, the inept and treacherous gang of incompetents that constitutes the anti-1804 repeal gang didn’t take the original Dirty Harry’s advice, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”


AP: Missing e-mails lead to Senate Probe

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Mark Shannon:

“Interesting to note, TOM PRICE was never identified as Sr. VP for Chesapeake at any time during the show, according to a report on the OKPNS….Seems to me to be just another attempt to try and demonize the millions of Oklahomans who support 1804 and are glad to see the ILLEGALS forced out of the state, and the businesses who hire illegals held accountable for supporting them while they are here.” Read more…

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