Will HB 1804 Drive away "Foreign-Born Workers?"

According to a study commissioned by the Oklahoma Bankers Association, Oklahoma’s immigration reform bill, HB 1804, could have the unintended consequence of driving away legal immigrants, which they are referring to as “foreign-born workers.”

The study, as reported by The Oklahoman, indicated:

Oklahoma’s tough anti-illegal immigration law could slash the state’s economic output by $1.8 billion in the measure’s first year as it drives away thousands of foreign-born workers.

According to the study’s authors, there is only “anecdotal evidence” that legal immigrants might be leaving the state, but that did not stop the Oklahoma Banker’s Association from publishing the study.

In reality, there is actually no evidence that even the illegal workers are leaving the state in substantial numbers, and, as OKPNS has previously reported, even many of those who did leave appear to be coming back, due to lack of enforcement of the the law.

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