Sally Kern on Flashpoint

Sally Kern, who has recently received international attention and harrassment for making negative comments about gay activism, faces off with openly gay Pastor Scott Jones of OKC’s Cathedral of Hope on Easter Morning on Flashpoint.

In this video, Sally Kern defends her statements made in the Oklahoma legislature, and points out that the recent rumors online that she has a gay son are untrue. (Her son has the similar name as someone much older than he is who has been convicted of sex crimes.) However, she says if she did have a gay son, she would love him. She gave an example of how she has worked in a postive manner with gay people in the past, and respected them as individuals. She emphasized that it is the “agenda” and “lifestyle” that is “more dangerous than terrorism,” and similar to cancer in they way that it spreads…not individuals.

Rev. Jones accused Kern of hate speech, and claimed that those Christians who believe that homosexuality is wrong are improperly understanding verses in scripture condemning homosexuality. He continued to insist throughout the interview that any condemnation of homosexuality is an attack on him, personally. “Homophobia is a sin,” he said, “Homosexuality is not.”


Two view part one of the discussion click here or on the image above.
Part two of the discussion is here.

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