V. Burns Hargis, OSU’s New President Today, $350K Salary

PhotobucketFormer board member V. Burns Hargis recently was successful in changing Oklahoma law to accomodate the desires of Oklahoma State University, so that he could start to work in March 2008 rather than July 2008.

Previous law, as Burns Hargis said, was in place to keep Boards from hiring themselves.

KSWO in Lawton writes:

Hargis will earn $350,000 plus a $20,000 automobile allowance each year under the contract approved Friday.

Hargis calls his new job both exciting and daunting, and says his first task will be to get acquainted with students, faculty and staff.

The Tulsa World explains that the contract is a three-year contract, and:

Regent Doug Burns said discussions are ongoing about a supplemental retirement plan for Hargis and that decision will be made by the board.

Hargis, who was hired for OSU from his job as vice chairman of the Bank of Oklahoma, said the salary is “plenty — it’s a very nice package.”

Regent Burns said, “After looking at what we’ve paid in the past, what’s paid throughout the Big 12 and after negotiation on the subject matter, this is a figure that both sides (the board and Hargis) deemed reasonable.”

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