Mary Fallin Supporting Federal Legislation to Help Women in the Military

U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin (R-OK) chairs the military women’s task force, and according to a report in the Army Times and the Military Timis, supports legislation to:

…make sure sex-related crimes against women are prosecuted aggressively, and that programs are in place to help women suffering from sexual harassment and trauma, and from combat-related stress…[and help with] child care for parents who serve in the military.

According to the report, Fallin, who has some experience in dealing with military issues as Oklahoma’s lieutenant governor says,

Some single mothers in uniform have told her they are reluctant to report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder out of fear that their mental health problems could be used against them in a custody dispute. Others have said it would be helpful if installations maintained lists of people available to provide emergency child care.

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