Inhofe: Look . . . This Is What We’ve Done In Oklahoma, and You’re Going to Have All These States Doing It’

The Tulsa World is reporting that U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is using Oklahoma’s HB 1804, anti-illegal immigration legislation, as a lever in Washington D.C.:

First of all, I think it should not be done locally…It should be done at the national level, but their (Oklahomans’) action is helping to force us into action. also reports:

Inhofe and other Republican senators are proposing 15 individual bills ranging from making English the national language to mandatory sentences for people in the country illegally and setting a deadline to build a fence on the nation’s border.

Inhofe is apparently not swayed by naysayers like Dan Boren, who believes the bill will be irrelevant after the presidential elections, like Tom Price, who wants to show Oklahomans “A Better Way,” like the U.S. and OK State Chambers which are suing based on the Constitutionality, or like citizens of Oklahoma and neighboring states who are disappointed with the lack of enforcement and lack of results seen so far since the legislation has become law.

Inhofe, says, as quoted in the McCarville Report yesterday, he believes the doubters should wait, and “at least give us a chance.”

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