Tar Creek Buy Out

Recently, the Federal Government announced 18-month moratorium on federal loan payments for Picher and Cardin in the Tar Creek community.

According to U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK), the EPA is now planning to buy out homes in the Tar Creek community:

The new plan would apparently end the need for asking for more money each year to allow the EPA to continue buying out homes in the area. Last year money was held up because of debates over passing spending bills in Congress.

The Tulsa World reports:

Oklahoma’s existing trust [will be used] to complete the voluntary buyout for residents of the Tar Creek Superfund site and estimated the costs of that three-year goal at $42 million.

That put the total price tag for what has been termed the final cleanup plan for Tar Creek at about $167 million, which is on top of the nearly $150 million already spent at the site in Ottawa County.

The Joplin Globe quotes Inhofe:

This announcement marks landmark progress for the people living in the area of the Tar Creek Superfund site. The EPA’s latest remediation plan not only addresses necessary clean up of soil and water contamination from chat piles and wastes at the site, it also announces the completion of relocation assistance for the residents living in the Tar Creek communities.

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