‘The Alliance for Oklahoma’s Future’ Wants you to Pay More Taxes

As I was bouncing down Riverside Drive in Tulsa on my way to work today in the center lane, because the right-hand lane going both directions is nearly impassable due to shoddy pothole repair (At least someone had the good taste to finally take those “Progress as Promised” signs!), I heard the same report I’ve been hearing reading over and over in the news that the State’s current budget woes, created by Governor Brad Henry’s and Treasurer Scott Meacham’s recent math error, are the fault of legislation in recent years to cut our taxes.

Then, OKPNS received an e-mail from the “Alliance for Oklahoma’s Future.” Who are they? A complete list of the member ship is here, and the board of directors is here. The names include the AFL-CIO, the CAP of Tulsa, the OK Hospital Organization, the OICA, the Board of Ed, the United Suburban School Association, the American Association of University Professors, the League of Women Voters, Oklahoma Center for Consumer
& Patient Safety, Oklahoma City AFT, Planned Parenthood of Arkansas
and Eastern Oklahoma, Inc., Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Progressive Alliance Foundation, the Oklahoma Nurses Association, and many others – basically, a coalition of groups that operate on OPM (other people’s money).

Anyway, this group has published and distributed an official “study,” which removes the doubt of anyone not really paying attention, that Oklahoma is in dire straits, and will not be able to continue operating schools and jails if we don’t start paying more in taxes. (See Tax Cuts and Consequences, by David Blatt). Apparently you are urged to immediately add your organization to the list of organizations that oppose TABOR, and make a donation to the Alliance.

Okaaaay. How much of our taxpayer money is funding the organizations represented by the associations on this list?

Even Governor Henry indicated in his State of the State speech recently that the way to balance the budget is by “increasing efficiencies and otherwise putting state funds to better use.” Indeed.

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