U.S. and State Chambers Suing to Repeal HB1804

From Carol, of Immigration Reform for Oklahoma Now (I.R.O.N.):

Folks, Oklahoma is on the MARCH! 12-20 states are looking to Oklahoma to lead in the fight against the illegal alien invasion…Local dues support State and National Chambers and should not fund lawsuits against its membership.

The U.S. Chamber, Plus the State, Tulsa, and OKC Chambers have declared war on Oklahoma Citizens:

  • Chambers filed lawsuit 2/1/08 against many of their own members
  • They seek repeal of the Immigration Bill – HB1804 to continue profiting from illegal workers – modern slavery – they want NO ID checks and unrestricted hiring practices
  • Their agendas promote out-sourcing of jobs for globalization – NAU
  • Is violating rule of law ‘okay’ if it increases profits?
  • Is income tax evasion by employers now part of the ‘art of making money’?

What Can YOU Do?

  • Voice your outrage and remove your Chamber membership
  • Demand this corrupt, immoral, greedy and inhumane leadership be removed
  • Demand your dues not be used for this lawsuit

Following is the contact information

U. S. Chamber of Commerce
Pres. Tom Donahue
1615 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20062-2000
(Buy a supply of post cards to send)

President Richard Rush

OKC Chamber of Commerce
Pres. Roy Williams

Tulsa Metro Chamber
President Mike Neal

ALSO joined Lawsuit:
Oklahoma Restaurant Assoc.

Oklahoma Hotel and Lodging Assoc.

To learn more, contact Carol, with I.R.O.N., 918-906-6027

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