J.C. Watts – Closer and Closer to the Endzone for Veep – At Least Online

According to a poll conducted by Right-Wing News, answered by 1300 readers, The top three of McCain’s popular rumored options for a vice presidential runningmate were Fred Thompson, J.C. Watts, and Duncan Hunter. Oklahoma’s Senator Tom Coburn ranked 16th out of 20.

The blogosphere is abuzz with the prospect, as is the main-stream media. This blogger is collecting signatures for a petition to John McCain.

Even Canadian Bloggers are asking, “Who Will McCain Choose As His Running Mate: The Charmer Or The Quarterback?”

RedStater Mat Pruitt summarizes much of what is being discussed online about Watts’ suitability as a runningmate for McCain, which is that this duo would represent good strategy for the Republican Party, regardless of whether or not they are successful in winning the WhiteHouse:

I have three main criteria that I hope Senator McCain will follow in picking a running mate:

  1. That the individual be from the South;
  2. That they be able to consolidate both religious and economic conservatives, and;
  3. That they be able to bring new voters into the fold and expand the Republican base.


He is an unapologetic social conservative, a former pastor, former Oklahoma Corporate Commissioner and Congressman, former college football star, and currently a successful business man, national pundit, and a board member of such organizations as the Boy Scouts of America. More importantly, JC is a true believer in free market economics, and consistently for more defense, less government overall, and lower taxes. Watts can speak to the Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, and McCain voting blocks with out batting an eye, and without having his sincerity questioned.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t appreciate the fact that Watts is an African American, I do. I am against affirmative action, but believe it makes sense for Republicans to recruit minority candidates….(more)

No word, yet, on whether J.C. Watts or McCain are as excited about the prospect of a McCain-Watts ’08 ticket, as Watts’ fans are.

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