Coburn Doth Protest too Much…?

KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa is reporting that Tom Coburn has no interest in running as McCain’s Vice President:

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn told an audience he has no interest in running for vice president. Coburn held a townhall meeting in Muskogee Saturday to discuss ongoing issues, such as Social Security reform, but he also took the chance to put some rumors to rest. (video below)


“When I ran for this job I told Oklahomans I’m going to challenge the culture. We have to finish that job. That is more important to me than any other position that I could be in,” said Coburn.

The Tulsa World quotes him as saying, that “Coburn, however, said he is too controversial to be a good running mate and doesn’t think it would be the best use of his time.”

He may be right. According to a poll conducted by Right-Wing News, answered by 1300 readers, Coburn ranked 16th out of 20 on that short-list of McCain’s popular rumored options. The top three were Fred Thompson, J.C. Watts, and Duncan Hunter.

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