Oklahomans for More Choices in their Children’s Education

The Great Schools Tax Credit Program Act, sponsored by Sen. James Williamson and Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre will be heard this coming Monday, during the 9am session of the OK Senate’s Education Committee.

For more information about School Choice in Oklahoma, check out Michael Bates’ and Brandon Dutcher’s new blog to educate Oklahomans about our choice (or in some cases, lack thereof) in where to send our kids to school, and how to pay for it. Choice Remarks: The official blog of Oklahomans for School Choice:

School choice refers to any education policy which allows parents to choose the safest and best schools for their children, whether those schools are public or private. As state school Superintendent Sandy Garrett has correctly noted, “We have a lot of choice already in Oklahoma.” Oklahoma is fortunate to have interdistrict choice, intradistrict choice, charter schools, magnet and specialty schools, privately funded K-12 vouchers, a thriving homeschool sector, and more. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have what many other states have—vouchers or tax credits which allow thousands of students to choose private schools.

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