Could OK Senator Tom Coburn be our next V.P.?

Staunch conservative, Senator Tom Coburn, is strongly endorsing John McCain, causing conservatives in the blogosphere to take another look at McCain.

Below is video of Coburn introducing McCain at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C. yesterday. There are rumors floating around CPAC, and on the social media site, Facebook, that Coburn might be on the short-list of candidates for a Vice-Presidential runningmate to McCain.

The Muskogee Phoenix interviewed Jerry Huffer, Muskogee Republican Club Chairman:

Even though Coburn’s remarks, which came on the heels of Mitt Romney’s announcement made at the same event about his decision to suspend his presidential bid, sounded somewhat like a vice presidential running mate, at least one local Republican leader doubted the rumors.

“I am convinced … that this is not being considered,” Muskogee County Republican Club Chairman Jerry Huffer said. “I have heard Dr. Coburn say before that he would not have an interest in the position, and we would hope he would run for at least a second term as U.S. senator.”

Huffer said a McCain-Coburn ticket would rally the conservative wing of the Republican party, which has been slow to jump on the bandwagon of someone many see as a political maverick.

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