State Leader of Paul Campaign Files Complaint Against McCain’s Telemarketing Abuses

Cindy McCain Robo Call (Click here to listen)

Keating for McCain Robo Call (Click here to listen)

Kirk Shelley, Oklahoma State Coordinator of the Ron Paul Presidential campaign, filed a formal complaint regarding John McCain’s illegal robo-calling with the Oklahoma Attorney General.

Shelley expressed his frustration with McCain’s calls:

“Everyone knows the rules on these calls, or they should” said Shelley, “when you run for President or work in federal campaigns you get attorneys to tell you what you can and can not do – calling non-supporters without a phone number to stop the calls is illegal.”

“Anyone who pays attention to politics knows that Tim Pope was indicted by Drew Edmondson for this same thing. The McCain campaign or their telemarketing people sure should have known better.”

Shelley continued “the bigger picture to me is this – Sen. McCain has set himself up as leader for campaign reform by authoring ‘McCain-Feingold’ telling the rest of the country the rules he thinks we should follow, yet here he is violating those very rules he helped create. If you are going to create laws limiting the free speech rights of other Americans at least have the integrity to follow them yourself.”

“I have sent copies of the illegal calls go to the Attorney General and I’m confident he will prosecute with the same diligence that he went after Tim Pope, and I hope the voters remember that the author of ‘so-called campaign reform’ broke his own rules.”

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