Anatomy of a Huckabee Smear Attempt?

Kind of hard to figure this one out, but hey, it is Oklahoma Politics!

The Huckabee Campaign is alleging that mischievous Ron Paul supporters sent a fake press release to the media saying the location for a Friday rally had changed. Below are excerpts from a Huckabee Campaign release on the alleged incident:

“Unfortunately we have been made aware of some attempts by rogue supporters of Rep. Ron Paul in Tulsa who have reportedly sent a false press release to Tulsa area media,” said Scott Pruitt, chairman of Oklahomans for Huckabee and a former state senator, in a press release sent Friday morning.

“The press release was staged to look like it was from the Oklahomans for Huckabee team, but the Paul supporters changed the location of our Tulsa event in an attempt to confuse media and embarrass Gov. Huckabee. This type of behavior is unacceptable.”

Political consultant and Ron Paul State Coordinator Kirk Shelley sent us this email response to the brewing controversey:

“You gotta love Oklahoma Politics sometimes. Some Tulsa Ron Paul Meetup supporters thought that it would be a good idea to do a sign wave at Mike Huckabee’s event.

It looks like some crafty Huckabee supporter was lurking on the list of Ron Paul supporters and reported to the higher ups.

Low and behold the Ron Paul supporters suddenly get a “press release” e-mailed to them which gives the wrong location.

Then to make matters really good, Sen. Scott Pruitt calls a reporter at the Tulsa World claiming that Ron Paul Supporters had issued the false press release.

Why assume Ron Paul? Huckabee has other opponents.

So Huckabee get’s a “poor old me” story in the World and Paul gets an undeserved black eye.

It makes me wonder – is Ron Paul getting some traction at Huckabee’s expense?”

OKPNS will continue to investigate

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