Sunday Extra: Commentary on Oklahoma’s Bonny & Clyde

Only an absolute moron would take a picture like this, while at
the same time, allegedly engaging in bribery and other illicit

An event that was as inevitable as the sun rising in the east occurred last Friday. Jeff McMahan and his wife Lori were FINALLY indicted on conspiracy and
bribery charges.

McMahan, who claimed he didn’t know shyster Steve Phipps – accepted gifts, in addition to, hunting and gambling trips from him. It makes you wonder? Are these people just that stupid, cocky, or both? How could you not think that people weren’t going to notice your alleged illegal dealings?

Here’s one example of their stupidity and greed. Lori McMahan allegedly received a pair of $500 earring as a gift from Stipe. Now, instead of getting rid of the earrings – that you can never wear in public again – she stashes them at her sister’s house! If she wasn’t so greedy, that one less count could have knocked a few years off that long prison term she’s facing.

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