OKGOP Chairman Offers OKPNS E-Mail Explanation

The Okie Campaigns blog is having a little difficulty believing OKGOP Chairman Gary Jones explanation that he wasn’t aware that he was attending a fundraiser at a controversial Dallas businessman’s home last month. Below is an email Chairman Jones sent to us last Friday:


I saw the story on me. I have attended events for Romney, Guiliani, Brownback, Tancredo and now Huckabee.

I was invited to the event in Dallas because when I asked the Huckabee campaign about seeing Huckabee and seeing if he could come to Oklahoma I was invited to the Dallas event. So I took them up on the offer.

I drove there myself at my own expense. It was very nice event. I had a chance to visit with Governor Huckabee which I had met before last year when he came to Oklahoma to help the state party and some of the OKGOP candidates and one other time at the Southern Republican leadership conference in 2006 in Memphis.

I have not endorsed any candidate nor have I contributed money any yet. I don’t plan on committing to a candidate until after our February 5th primary.

Gary Jones, Chairman

Oklahoma Republican Party

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