Bully Pulpit Gone Wrong

The Illegal Immigration lobby is at it again attacking a man who stood up for America and Oklahoma to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Apparently Senator Morgan does not believe in following the law. If Mr. Massey is running a tight ship, a performance audit shouldn’t be a problem. However, most lawmakers who do their homework know just the opposite.

From Demookie.com

By State Sen. Mike Morgan

We have a new bully in town in state Rep. Randy Terrill, propped up only by publicity and talk show attention. He is primarily driven by his single-minded, over-the-top rhetoric about illegal immigration. All the publicity and talk show attention has gone straight to his head, so much so he lambastes anyone who dares to criticize his ideas on the subject, including members of his own party and prominent business leaders.

Continuing his ego trip and bullying ways, Terrill recently moved on to lashing out at a volunteer member of the state Regents for Higher Education for discussing changes made to the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship program. He threatened to use a performance audit to silence the objections Regent John Massey voiced over recent legislative changes to the program. I authored the bill, which provided a dedicated funding source for Oklahoma’s Promise as well as the legislative changes with which Massey disagrees. I welcome any comments, criticisms and suggestions he or anyone else might have over the bill.

Reasonable debate and discussion is what makes our democratic process strong and what our Founding Fathers envisioned for a strong, secure and free nation. But for reasons I do not comprehend, Terrill attacked John Massey’s critical review of the legislation and even threatened Massey’s “griping” would lead the regents right into a performance audit. Does Terrill not understand Oklahoma has laws governing how audits are initiated and conducted? He apparently intends to warp an audit into his own instrument of retaliation. This will not happen.

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