Is This the Beginning of SLIME in the Illegal Immigration Battle?

Sen. Jeff Rabon (top) Sen. Harry Coates (center) Rep. Shane Jett (Bottom)

One dedicated OKPNS reader has suggested the moniker SLIME (State Legislators for illegal Immigrant Exploitation) for an organization that out-of-touch legislators can join in their battle to undermine the nation’s and state’s immigration laws.

“Let SLIME lead the way in undermining the rule of law,” our reader says. “Announce that SLIME has formed, and be sure to refer to SLIME whenever these legislators work to save us from any restraints on the flow of illegals into our country and state.

Thank goodness SLIME is on the job! I’m sure Sen. Harry (don’t ask, don’t tell) Coates, Sen. Jeff (one more for the road) Rabon and Rep. Shane (all wet) Jett will be charter members. So for those legislators working on behalf of criminal lawbreakers, I hope that they get SLIMED!”

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