Budget Panel Contemplates Cargill Effort to Modernize

OKLAHOMA CITY – Groups that believe in limited government and groups that would like to expand government services have both found something to like about Speaker Lance Cargill’s initiative to streamline and modernize state government. While the concept may appeal to a wide range of policy makers, the work of redirecting state dollars toward more productive uses may prove more divisive than lawmakers anticipate.

David Blatt, executive director of anti-poverty organization Community Action Project, praised Cargill’s effort at Tuesday’s meeting of the state House Appropriations and Budget Committee.

“The opposite of being anti-government is not pro-government, it’s being for better government,” said Blatt. Saving money by eliminating duplication, waste and inefficiency makes more money available for critical public services, he said. On the other hand, such savings make less money available for growing government – a concept that appeals to groups on the other side of the political spectrum.

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