Law-Breaker Lawmaker?


Oklahoma Republican Party

Contact: Gary Jones 405-528-3501

OKLAHOMA CITY (November 28, 2007) Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones commended Fort Sill officials today for their quick response to an inquiry regarding a political fundraising golf tournament scheduled and advertised in the Lawton Constitution by Rick Wolfe, who has announced his candidacy as a Democrat for Senate District 31.

Jones, a Comanche County resident himself, said he has attended numerous charitable golf tournaments at the Fort Sill golf course but in over 30 years of attending such events had never once heard of a political fundraiser being held at the course.

“It is common knowledge that political fundraisers are strictly prohibited on federal property and when this was brought to the officials at Fort Sill they were quick to investigate and take measures to cancel the event,” said Jones.

Jones asserted that he was told someone other than Wolfe scheduled the event, and that it was not represented as a fundraiser for Wolfe.

“Fort Sill is a tremendous asset to Southwest Oklahoma and has been gracious to work with the community and its civic organizations to help raise much needed funds to help causes benefiting the areas children and needy.

If Rick Wolfe has aspirations of becoming an Oklahoma lawmaker and replacing Senator Don Barrington who has done a wonderful job representing the citizen’s of Southwest Oklahoma he might start by following the law himself,” concluded Jones.


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