Murphey Update

Prior to being on the general election ballot as a candidate for State Representative, I developed a position that if elected, I would institute a constituent contact program that excelled at representing the citizens of House District 31.

The program includes an organized system for not only processing incoming constituent casework, but reaching out and generating opportunities for constituent concerns to be addressed. It also includes a network of constituent advisory committees, a weekly legislative update, an end of session report, a post-session door to door tour of the district, and targeting growth areas for new voter registration.

I have enjoyed implementing this program. It has allowed me to make a great number of new contacts, and most importantly, has kept me in contact with citizens. I feel that one of the ways special interest lobbyists have been able to have such a strong voice in state government has been because of a strong disconnect between the people and the “state capitol” environment. I think the proper focus for a state representative should be in his or her district, with the people, as opposed to lobbyist hosted events in Oklahoma City.

One of the most exciting aspects of the program is a series of town hall meetings I have scheduled in order to communicate with local residents on a number of issues. Other state and local officials plan to be present also. I encourage all who are interested to attend.

In September, the Guthrie Lions Club graciously hosted the first such meeting in Guthrie with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Lance Cargill. This meeting allowed attendees to share with Cargill their ideas for how Oklahoma government should look in the next century. These ideas are now posted online at

On November 6th, at 7:00 pm, the second forum will be held at the Philadelphia Church of God field house at Bryant and Simmons Roads. The meeting will focus on road related issues and property tax reform. Attendees will include State Senator Patrick Anderson, Logan County Commissioner Mark Sharpton and Oklahoma Department of Transportation Director Casey Shell.

On December 4th, at 7:00 pm, the third forum will occur at Woodcrest Fire Station at Douglas and Charter Oak Roads. This meeting will also focus on road related issues. County Commissioner Kevin Leech will be attending.

On January 15th, at 7:00 pm, the fourth forum will be be held at Pioneer Telephone in Crescent. The meeting will focus on the upcoming legislative session and all issues of relevance to Northern Logan County residents. State Senator Patrick Anderson will be in attendance. County Commissioner Monty Piercy may also be present.

On January 22nd, at 7:00 pm, the fifth forum will occur at Waterloo Road Baptist Church. The meeting will focus on tax reform issues. Attending will be Representative Randy Terrill, who as Chairman of the House Revenue and Tax Committee, is a leader in the fight for tax reform.

I look forward to these meetings and the opportunity to communicate with Logan and Oklahoma County residents on the issues important to them.

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