Counterpoint: Progressive Presumption

Oklahoma Gazette:

By Ron Black

Progressives and conservatives have more in common than we care to admit (in public, at least). We desire efficacious and transparent government, we expect our elected officials have an understanding of the Constitution (or at least be able to spell “constitution” — with a few notable exceptions), we desire less governmental intrusion in our personal lives and both embrace free speech. Progressives and conservatives share yet another thread: single-issue pontificators whose alligator mouths are much larger than their mockingbird posteriors.

Some more vocal progressives would argue that they are at the top of their game and poised to gain coveted ground because of the perception of the war in Iraq as well as alleged scandals with Republican leadership. But the most recent Oklahoma City school bond issue would contradict such delusion. The holy grail of progressives is education (read: education funding), and with some of the lowest voter turnout in Oklahoma history, the progressive base either has forgotten why it came to the dance in the first place or, more likely, stayed home altogether.

Sure, the school bond issue received the overwhelming support of 78 percent, but only about 14,200 eligible voters broke away from “America’s Next Top Model” reruns to hit the polls. It’s rather like boasting of being class valedictorian at your home school. Sorry, but as we like to say around deer camp, “that dog don’t hunt.” The only thing “staggering” about the victory is how few people made the decision to give Oklahoma City Public Schools an additional $248.3 million. Read more…

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