OKPNS Moves Up to 2nd Most Influential Blog

From McCarville Report Online:

“Blogging with meat cleavers seems to be the norm on some sites; slash and cut, the nastier the better, the more outrageous the posts and the more misleading the headlines, the more salacious the allegations, the more fractured the English, the worst logic imaginable…all marks of some sophomoric blogs that offer little.” Read more…

Oklahoma’s Most Influential Political blogs

1. Stan Geiger
2. Oklahoma Political News Service
3. blue oklahoma
4. TPD Blog
5. SoonerThought
6. Living On Tulsa Time
7, Okiedoke – Vintage Okie opinion
8. BatesLine
9. Library Stories: Libraries & Librarians in the News
10. The McCarville Report Online
11. meeciteewurkor
12. Bounded Rationality
13. The Lost Ogle
14. The Red Dirt Political Report
15. Oklahoma Legislator’s Blog
16. My Tulsa World Blog
17. MedBlogged
18. Satellite Sky
19. Speaker Cargill’s Blog
20. Sidebar Blog: Law and Disorder, Okie Style

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