Wrong Priorities?

AMERICA’s MOST BEAUTIFUL: Mayor Kathy Taylor and George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF) Chairman and Tulsa Beautification Foundation (TBF) President Phil Lakin announced a $5 million pledge from GKFF to help beautify Tulsa-area gateways, highways and thoroughfares. The first TBF project completed was beautifying Tulsa International Airport by painting the Virgin Street bridge, replacing crumbling sidewalks and medians under the bridge, new irrigation systems and extensive landscaping. MIRANDA ENZOR for GTR Newspapers

From BubbaWorld dot Net:

Tulsa’s Mean Streets

Tulsan Doug Lawson found out just how bad “Tulsa’s Mean Streets” have become recently while out on his can collecting route early Thursday morning.

Lawson was robbed, struck in the head and shot in the leg by a couple of punks when he lied and told them he had no money or keys to his truck parked nearby.
Was Lawson wrong to try to escape with his $25 and his truck?

I wasn’t there and therefore can not say. But I do know that Mr. Lawson was lucky to escape with his life, as many Tulsans have not these past few years. Read more…

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