Tip Line: Reader Questions Foshee’s Campaign Strategy

A reader sent us their opinion of this story in The Oklahoman today. Once an ambulance chaser, always an ambulance chaser?

“A former city councilman, accompanied by a woman whose husband and son died in a crossover collision last month, called on the state Thursday to install median safety barriers on Interstate 44 in South Oklahoma City. But the work already is planned.

Jerry Foshee said the deaths on May 17 of Michael Tiderman, 38, a firefighter, and his son Justin, 11, were preventable if safety barriers had been in place when a car crossed the median and crashed into their vehicle on I-44 near SW 119.” Read more…

“HMM, Interesting, since if you read the story THEY ARE ALREADY PLANNED TO GO UP. So I guess his strategy is, find out when projects are started and almost finished, hold a press conference so he can claim credit. Never mind he never bothered to contact ODOT, but conisdering his “experience” on the OKC council, I would guess he knew they were coming. If you check out also ODOT’s five year plan online, they are slotted for installation in August or September of this year! What a blowhard Never mind he is using the death of a Firefighter for his political gain.”

The Oklahoma Politcal News Service always welcomes tips and commentary from our readers. Thanks!

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