Democratic Activists Angry With Gumm & Hamilton

Democratic activists are angry with two of their legislators this week over the abortion issue. We reported Wednesday that demonstrators held signs in front of Rep. Rebecca Hamilton’s fundraiser Tuesday evening, calling for her censorship and accusing her of “Sleeping with the Enemy”.

Sen. Jay Paul Gumm raised the ire of the party faithful with his post on our Legislators’ blog titled: A “Poison” in the Body Politic. In the controversial post, Sen. Gumm writes:

Abortion was the other issue on which my position of conscience caused great anger, and to some degree disproves any suggestion that I make votes based partisan politics. I supported, and then helped resurrect, a bill that would prevent abortions from being performed with taxpayer resources.

That position caused activists in the Democratic Party to become very angry at me, even attempting to reprimand me at the state Democratic Convention. That effort failed because cooler heads prevailed. Again, however, what was missing was a reasoned discussion of the issue.

The following comment is representative of the sentiments expressed by many of those who left comments on the post and on

Jack Boyte said…

Senator Gumm, I was part of the group that voted for the censure resolution at the state convention. It was NOT about womens reproductive rights. It was about the WAY you and Rep. Hamilton went about reviving SB 139 with language from SB 714.

Forty out of forty-four members of the House Democratic caucus asked her not to ‘revive the bill’…and she did anyway. Many feel you encouraged and supported this tactic even though the overwhelming majority of House Democrats opposed the procedure.

I certainly respect your opinion on all issues and commend you for your service. But I feel this specific political maneuvering deserves the condemnation it received.

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