Foshee Campaign Stalled?

Senate District 45 candidate Jerry Foshee – “The Voice of the People” – is apparently having trouble getting his fledgling campaign out of neutral and to the people. Sources tell OKPNS that Foshee’s campaign is having early trouble raising money and booking speaking engagements for the candidate.

A rumored still low campaign treasury, coupled with employing over priced consultants, may indicate why Foshee’s campaign website hasn’t been updated in weeks and is currently terribly disfigured and disjointed. (Website corrected as of 4:30 CST.)

Sources also tell OKPNS that Foshee’s recent offer to buy dinner for the Frontier Country Women’s group – if he could speak to them for an hour – was politely turned down publicly. An anonymous state party official told us privately that they were not going to be a campaign tool for an “ambulance chaser’s campaign piece.” Another insider told us facetiously, “When did he [Foshee] become a Republican?

The Oklahoma Political News will continue to investigate.

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