"What In Blue-Blazes Is Going On?"

This anonymous mass email was apparently sent by a delegate to all the delegates.

First, the “Not Again Gary” email, then the “Buchanan gave money to Democrats” YouTube video, and now the “Daxon’s moral character is in questioned“(sic) article on the biased OKPNS website. So, what is next? Will there be a real fist fight on the convention floor? ‘Cause we’ve definitely moved past the mudslinging. It’s been more like stoning and crucifixion. Besides, after reading everything that’s going on I’m ready to watch some real action. Enough with the written word…let’s see some flesh hitting flesh, Fight Club style.

So what in blue-blazes is going on? I mean, come on…this is Oklahoma for crying out loud. It’s not like we’re Florida, New York, or Texas where real power lies. Seriously, what’s to gain by the chairmanship that’s made one (or two) candidates (and their cohorts) so desperate that they’ve become avarice?

So cut the crap out. For the person who sent out the “Not Again Gary” email, let your candidate be man enough to say those things in public. For the person who posted the “Buchanan gave money to Democrats” YouTube video, kudos to you for being smart enough to record that meeting. But shame on you for being tacky in parading the video around with amateur editing and funny music. As for OKPNS, you’ve lost significant credibility with your reporting and journalism. This country was founded on the principle that every one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And not only was Daxon acquitted in a court of law, there was a serious lack of evidence to support the accusations. Posting an affidavit that’s several years old and deemed unreliable by our justice system shows a serious lack of journalism credibility on your part. If you were going slander any of the two candidates that you do not support, at least have the decency to present hard evidence like the two individuals with their email and video.

As a concerned delegate, it greatly bothers me to see all the GOP diarrhea showing up so close to the convention. I pray this is not a symptom of a deeper internal problem, ’cause if it is, we’re not going to be “Republican Rising” or “Oklahoma Rising” anytime soon. I imagine that I am not the only delegate who feels like sleeping in on Saturday and working peacefully in my garden as I till the manure in with the dirt.


Stopping the OK GOP Horse Manure Foundation

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