Damage Control 101

That “Republican outfit” Tulsa World is reporting today that Broken Arrow state Representative John Trebilcock has missed more than a fourth of the votes in the House so far this session. Trebilcock was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence and not using headlights.

The paper looked at legislative voting records (probably because of a tip from a Democratic colleague) that found the representative has missed 226 votes out of 786 cast in the House of Representatives. That translates into six missed days.

Rep. Trebilcock, a little unsolicited advice from the Oklahoma Political News Service. You’ve handled this terribly from the moment you refused a breathalyzer test because you had “kissed a girl who had been drinking.” It’s time for major damage control. Have a press conference SOON apologizing to your constituents, colleagues and friends; check yourself into rehab – even if you don’t have a problem, and stop the bleeding.

UPDATE: Trebilcock Issues Apology

At 4:43 this afternoon on its website, the Tulsa World is reporting that Rep. Trebilcock has issued an apology for his “poor decision making.” He goes on to say in the statement that “driving and alcohol don’t mix” and that he is “prepared to accept the consequences, legal and otherwise, for my actions.”

Not only does he take responsibility for his mistake but he thanks the police for their “professionalism.”

“Unquestionably, I should not have put myself in a situation where such a determination should have had to be made. I take full responsibility for doing. I would like to express my appreciation to the officers on the scene for their professionalism and for the job that they do.”

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