Tulsa World a "Republican Outfit"

Below is a quote from Daily Kos, the most popular and influential left wing blog on the Internet. The site averages over half a million hits a day. Today they gave their assessment of the Democrats chances of picking up additional Senate Seats in ’08. Senator Inhofe’s re-election is in the “could get interesting” category.

“Races that are or might be interesting by Election Day 2008. The first thing that surprises is that out of 33 races this cycle, a full 20 have the potential of turning into real races. Given that 14 of those are Republicans, it’s a great map for Democrats.

If ridiculously popular Gov. Brad Henry runs, this is a race….2010 presents a better chance for him when crazy Tom Coburn faces his first reelection battle. A January Tulsa World poll (essentially a Republican outfit) gave Inhofe ratings of 56/27, and George Bush 47/47.”

The Tulsa World a “Republican outfit?” PLEASE!!

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