Is Time (Finally) Running Out For Jeff McMahan?

State auditor took trips with target of probe

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan says he took three trips in recent years with the owner of an abstract company who’s now being investigated by a federal grand jury.

Two of those trips he took with Steve Phipps were paid for by Phipps.

McMahan’s office regulates the abstract industry and state Ethics Commission officials say McMahan isn’t allowed to take anything of value from a person or entity he regulates.

McMahan spokeswoman Terri Watkins says Phipps paid for a fishing trip to Lake Texoma for McMahan and former Auditor Clifton Scott. She says he also paid for a trip to Biloxi, Mississippi, where McMahan held an educational course for Phipps’ abstractors.

The two also traveled to New Orleans but Watkins says McMahan paid for his expenses.

Phipps and former state Senator Gene Stipe are under investigation by a grand jury in Muskogee which is looking into several abstract companies the men co-own and possible illegal campaign contributions.

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