Richardson Receives Endorsement From Insignificant Democratic Activists co-owner Calvin Reese (Right) pictured with “psuedo political consultant” Ron Black last summer.

From McCarville Report Online:

“Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson gained the support of three prominent Democratic bloggers and activists in Oklahoma today…

“Calvin Rees, Tim Reese and Jane Luttrell of lined up behind Richardson Friday. “Richardson is right for Oklahoma” said Calvin.”

“Tim Reese, of the blog said, “Richardson should be very popular in Oklahoma. His experience as Secretary of Energy gives him insight into stimulating domestic production of oil and gas which makes us less dependent on foreign oil.”

With the Reese Bros. endorsement of Bill Richardson – who is aiming to become our first Hispanic president – Richardson won’t have to worry about racist, stereotypical caricatures of himself appearing on their website anytime soon.

Any guesses on how quick Richardson’s people are going to flee from this unsolicited endorsement once we send this post to them?

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