Prater Fabricating Police Endorsements?

Next to money of course, endorsements are an integral component to any winning campaign. An endorsement from a credible individual or organization can literally make or break a campaign; the reason politicians work so hard to get them.

Oklahoma District Attorney candidate David Prater – obviously realizes this political fact as well – as he runs an underdog campaign against current D.A. Wes Lane. Prater is airing commercials suggesting, “police organizations are working against Lane.” That would be a mighty powerful endorsement for any district attorney candidate. The only problem – it’s not true!

Larry Grant, President of the Oklahoma County’s Sheriff Office: Fraternal Order of Police, released this letter asking Prater to “respectfully..take the ad down.” Mr. Grant cites in the letter “By state law, both the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation cannot endorse any candidate for public office.” One would think a candidate running for district attorney would at least know the laws of Oklahoma.

Prater is later admonished by Grant in the letter by describing the ad as “disingenuous” and “[plays]politics with the men and women of law enforcement”. Grant writes that Wes Lane is a “man of integrity” and “cares passionately” for the citizens of Oklahoma County.

Rest assured, the Oklahoma political News Service will continue to investigate this matter as it unfolds.

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