Inhofe State Director Beaten

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ Oklahoma City police say the top aide in Oklahoma to Senator Jim Inhofe is hospitalized after apparently being beaten.

Police say John Collison of Edmond has a fractured face, pelvis, ribs and wrist plus injuries to his jaw and liver.

Sergeant Paco Palderrama says Collison was found Sunday morning about 4 a-m lying on a loading dock outside Bricktown Ballpark in downtown Oklahoma City.

Collison told police he couldn’t remember being attacked or anything that happened after 10:30 Saturday night.

Collison is responsible for managing Inhofe’s Oklahoma staff and day-to-day operations in the state.

According to the National Institute of Corrections, the latest statistics available (2004) report that Oklahoma’s crime rate is 17.92% higher than the national average and the correctional supervision rate (number of offenders supervised per 100,000) is 15.79% lower than the national average. Instead of granting clemency to illegal immigrants on death row, maybe Governor Henry should focus his attention on protecting innocent victims like Mr. Collision. Oklahoma Political News Service wishes Mr. Collision a full and speedy recovery.


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