The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Although the Legislature adjourned without a budget agreement Friday, several bills were signed, many are awaiting the Governor’s signature, and many died.

Bills Signed:

HB 2615: Stand Your Ground provides immunity from criminal prosecution or civil action for using justifiable deadly force.

SB 1742: Anti-abortion measures.

HB 2840: Kelsey Briggs law, reforms the state’s child welfare.

Awaiting Governor’s Signature

SB 1951: Extends the ban on funeral protests to within 500 feet of any place where a portion of a funeral service is held.

HB 2842: Would reform the state’s Medicaid system.

SB 1577: Would plug a tax credit loophole that could cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars if left unchecked.

Died This Session

HB 3119: Would have required state employees to report illegal immigrants seeking state services to the federal authorities.

SB 1815: Would delay until 2008 when electronic campaign report filing would start.

HB 2158: Would require that children’s books containing homosexual content and pervasively vulgar and sexually explicit material be shelved in the adult area of the library.


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